The Marketing Brand Boot Camp – Eli Broad College of Business _ Michigan State University

The Marketing Brand Boot Camp | MSU Broad College of Business

Priyanka VermaClass of 2010Concentrations:  Marketing, Strategic ManagementCoping up with Dr. Simonds finance class, updating Dr. Omura’s marketing readings, football tailgates, playing pool at the Roadhouse Pub, wine tasting at Beggar’s and trying to get an internship…Welcome to Broad MBA Fall 2008…

It’s Essaywriterpro been over a month and it just gets better. It’s crazy but if you were looking for a dull monotonous schedule then Broad is not the place you want to be. This is an MBA program that thrives on energy, enthusiasm and passion.

For those who feel this is a supply chain school need to re-think and re-position this school. Yes, I am a marketing major hence the jargon.

Our faculty, alums and our second years make marketing a way of life than just a subject. We at Broad definitely believe about going beyond our classroom.

The Marketing Brand Boot Camp was absolutely phenomenal. It’s a one day event where all the first years were introduced to the world of jargon. We had Broad Alums from the top consumer companies helping us chalk out our career. Sorting out our internship dilemmas and giving us a glimpse of the life as brand managers. Though what made it even more interesting was that they were from different stages of their careers that helped me see the transition that I will make at every point in the future in my job.

Thanks to Dr “O”, I had a great day and I know the students coming in will definitely have so much more to look forward to as marketing majors. Because our curve just gets higher.

But more than anything these six weeks have made me 100% Spartan!