1. What is KTS Program?
    KTS is a training, scholarship and support program to start an engineering degree. Students enrolled in KTS will receive training to undergo engineering education. On the basis of their performance, students will receive need-cum-merit scholarships to start their engineering degree at KIET.
  2. I want to take admission in a Engineering program at KIET. Do I need to take admission in KTS?
    No. Seeking admission in KTS is optional.
  3. I have secured admission in KTS; Is my admission also secured in an engineering program at PAF-KIET?
    No. Seeking admission in KTS does not guarantee your admission at an engineering program at PAF-KIET. All KTS applicants must follow the normal admission procedure to secure admission in the desired engineering program at PAF-KIET.
  4. What other scholarships are offered to engineering students?
  5. I have secured less than 60% marks in first year HSSC, I am still awaiting second year HSSC result. Can I apply for KTS?
    Yes, you may apply. Subject to your good performance in KTS admission test, you may be selected for KTS program. However, before admission in a BE program, we need to ensure that a candidate has secured >= 60% marks in HSSC (I and II).