About College of Engineering (CoE)

The College of Engineering (CoE) at KIET provides high quality learning to undergraduate programs in Electrical, Avionics and Mechatronics Engineering encompassing a wide range of related disciplines to provide research, innovative and leadership qualities. The college is providing students with outstanding education to prepare them not only to transcend in their professional careers but also to take the role of visionary leaders of the society, with critical and rationalized thinking. Salient features of CoE are as follows

  1. 96 million PKR funds through ICTRnD and other donors: KIET – College of Engineering is the only private university in the entire south region of Pakistan which has received more than 96 Million PKR funds from ICTRnD fund and other foreign partners to conduct R&D on four different engineering projects since 2012
  2. Full time foreign qualified PhD faculty members: Do you know that 52% of teaching faculty at KIET – College of Engineering either holds a foreign PhD degree (20%) or is actively pursuing PhD degree from Karachi (32%)? Remaining 48% are MS Degree holders. Eight full-time PhD faculty members of CoE-PAFKIET are actively involved in research, teaching and funded projects.
  3. Active Research and Development environment: College of engineering is actively involved in numerous R&D projects. Faculty members and students actively participate in these projects to get a real flavor of state-of-the-art research and development projects. Three major ICTRnD funded projects, each worth 14 million PKR have been completed and/or currently currently being executed at CoE-PAFKIET. Fourth ICTRnD funded project, worth 50 million PKR has been approved in June 2017 which will be completed in the next three years.  Numerous final year projects of COE-KIET are also funded by ICTRnD. This is one of the unique features of KIET which is hardly shared by any other university in Karachi.
  4. International Research Collaborations:  Do you know that EDCAS Research group at KIET – College of Engineering is having active International research collaboration with Ohio State University USA, KACST Saudia Arab, SEU China, Al-Ain UAE, and EFabless Inc USA.
  5. Comprehensive Scholarship schemes: KIET offers 20-85% rebate in tuition fee based on past semester GPA. Moreover, 7-10% rebate in tuition fee is offered to wards of government, navy, army employees. 25% tuition fee waiver is offered to sibling of full-time KIET student. Rebate in tuition fees is also awarded to wards of air force employees, and wards of KIET employees.
  6. Engineering Programs in Electrical, Avionics and Mechatronics: College of Engineering at KIET offers engineering programs leading to Electrical, Avionics and Mechatronics approved by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Higher Education Commission (HEC) , Charter Inspection & Evaluation Committee (CIEC). The list of Engineering programs at KIET are as follows
    a) BE Electrical Engineering (specialization in Computer Systems Engineering)
    b) BE Electrical Engineering (specialization in Electronics)
    c) BE Electrical Engineering (specialization in Telecommunication)
    d) BE Avionics Engineering
    e) BE Mechatronics Engineering
    Want to apply in Engineering program, apply at http://admissions.pafkiet.edu.pk/
  7. Strong Alumni Network: College of Engineering has got a very strong alumni network, spread through out the world. http://coe.pafkiet.edu.pk/alumnicoe/
  8. Robosprint: KIET – College of Engineering is the only university in the entire south region of Pakistan to host country’s most prestigious Robotics Event, RoboSprint (an initiative by CASE for the promotion of Robotics in Pakistan).
  9. IEEE Sponsored Conference, Intellect: KIET held its first International Conference on Latest Trends in Electrical & Computing Technologies” (INTELLECT 2017) from 15 to 16 November, 2017 at Main Campus, PAF Base Korangi Creek. The conference was technically co-sponsored by IEEE Karachi Section and was partly funded by HEC. The conference attracted research papers from international academicians/authors from Australia, Denmark, France, GermanySaudi Arabia, UK, Italy, Malaysia and South Korea in addition to research papers from almost all HEC recognized, renowned universities in all provinces of Pakistan.Participants form more than 20 universities participated in the conference in the two-day conference. International scholars from China, Malaysia, Denmark, Japan and national speakers from distinguished organizations were the keynote speakers of conference.
  10. Workshop and guest speaker sessions by international speakers: Frequent workshops and training sessions by eminent scholars are arranged to enlighten CoE faculty members and students. Two senior Chinese professors visited CoE-PAFKIET in Nov, 2016 for a two-day workshop/seminar.
  11. Frequent engineering related competitions and exhibitions: CoE-PAFKIET regularly arranges project competitions and exhibitions. SPEC (Semester Project Exhibition & Competition) is arranged every semester.  Apart, National Flying competition (NFC), RoboSprint, etc are also arranged.
  12. Strong support through Graduate School of Science and Engineering (GSSE): College of engineering is strongly supported by our graduate program, GSSE. Majority of our faculty members pursue their academic growth by doing MS and PhD at GSSE.
  13. State of art Engineering and Computing Labs: College of engineering maintains state of the art engineering and computing labs.
  14. Industrial Visits: Our engineering students visit different industries and enterprises during their 4-years program. During visit, students visit operations, production and assembly lines, material management, process controls, R&D centers, quality control and other facilities to acquaint themselves with the working of the industry. These visits enable instant placement of our graduates in the industry.
  15. Secure and non-affiliated environment along PAF-Base Korangi Creek:
  16. Mentoring sessions: Regular mentoring sessions are arranged for students to provide guidance throughout engineering degree.
  17. Miscellaneous facilities: KIET offers other miscellaneous facilities to its students such as transport facility, spacious sports facilities, email/SMS services, annual alumni dinners, etc.